Your Brand Should Do These 5 Things

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of your small business success.

In the past, branding was a logo, a name, an image or even a jingle but now it is more complicated.

You don’t simply want your consumers to choose you over the competition, you want to be their go-to problem solver. Every time that certain need or problem arises, you want them to think of you and recommend you to their sphere of influence.

Your brand should:

  1. Deliver a clear message.
  2. Establish credibility in the marketplace
  3. Emotionally connect prospects with a product or service
  4. Persuade the buyer to make a purchase
  5. Create user loyalty

Before you keep reading, does your brand deliver on each of those points?

If not, which one gives you the most anxiety to answer?

Does It Really Matter? 

It can be easy to skim over the branding part of marketing when your business is a simple one. If you provide a necessary service, you might feel like a brand tagline isn’t necessary. After all, everyone needs plumbing, car repair, home security, etc at some point, right? That might be true but will they pick your company over the competition?

The right branding message will stick in your head.

Name the brand associated with each of these taglines:

“Just Do It”

“America Runs on ?? “

“I’m Lovin’ It”

“It melts in your mouth, not your hand.”

“The Quicker Picker Upper”

You get the idea.

You probably knew most of them.

Branding Your Small Business

Your small business might not ever rise to the fame of Nike with their tagline, but you can establish yourself as the authority in your industry and in your area.

Your brand is the basis of a promise to your consumer. Understanding what your consumers need and want is something you will need to evaluate on a regular basis as the world changes. As they begin to identify with you, your brand will live in their hearts and minds and they will connect on an emotional level. 

We will dig into these 5 ways a bit more as the month goes on but for now, think about your brand and what sets you apart.

If we can help you establish a stronger branding message, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email. 

Helping small business is what we love to do!

Y Cai

Posted on May 07, 2020

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