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Can your ideal customer easily find you? 

As a small business owner, you want to make it easy for your customers to find you. A highly visible online presence gives you the ability to communicate with your ideal customers on a regular basis. Have you ever noticed that you follow all kinds of accounts on social media? You tend to interact with people who make you laugh, help you grow and even accounts that provide you with information. This type of online interaction is pretty much the same for everyone. You get online to be "social" and seeing a repeated ad will probably not convince you to buy or connect. You are more likely to be convinced to buy a product or service from someone who you like, know a bit about and benefit from their business without buying anything. 

Just because someone sells a product or a service doesn't mean they need to advertise with every post or comment. Here is a great example of how an online presence can help build a customer base without spending money. You own an HVAC company. Most homeowners need a new system every 12+ years and in between, they just need repairs. This type of ebb and flow in business can create unsteady business profits. Homeowners will search for an HVAC company with decent reviews, unless they know you on a more personal level. Staying connected with the public doesn't have to cost your small business money. Sure, buying tables at charity events, placing ads in local mailers and participating in your chamber of commerce are all great strategies but you might not have the funds to do this (especially in the beginning). 

  • Start a social media presence or even a blog. 
  • Offer tips and reviews to your potential customers. 
  • When a new HVAC system comes out that saves a homeowner on monthly costs, post a pic of it on your social media page, write about it in your blog. Provide information and opinions on the industry. Don't make it technical. 
  • Provide ideas for how your customers can avoid paying for a service call. Yes, that might sound counter-productive but potential customers will remember where they got "that great tip that saved me thousands." When the time comes to install a new system, they will know you already. 

These simple methods can help your small business grow, even when you might not have a lot of money for marketing. Let us help you get started with a plan. We can design a website for you with easy to use instructions for making updates. If you want to control your marketing, we get you started on that path. If you want someone else to do it, we can do that too. 

Our business is here to support you. We want to see small businesses thrive!

Posted on Apr 22, 2020

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